# Are you worried about WhatsApp? Can be lost without deletion.

Are you worried about WhatsApp? Can be lost without deletion.

It is possible to be invisible by settings without logging out from social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter or ShareThat

Sometimes social media sites such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook or Snapachate are so tired or tired that they do not even want to use it and do not even want to logout or delete an app. In such circumstances, the app can be invasive without deleting. If you are tired of WhatsApp, you can get lost without deletion. Now it is not possible to delete and re-install whitespace every now and then

Under these circumstances whether or not you have turned off the Blue Tick Read Receivers, the message you send is similar to the one you read the message and when you open WhatsApp, it is displayed in your contact as you are online.

Now there is a tape solution to silent Whitsap for an authoritative and limited period, which may for some time remove you from WhatsApp. Your Android phone can be lost without deleting its settings by tweeting its settings.

Also, you can stay away from Whatsapp by keeping ‘Recording Silent’ or Ring Tone with WhatsApp Notification. If you want to keep it in silent mode, if you keep the mobile in silent mode then you can manually record a Silent Ringtone and save it to the name of the PROPER file and save it to save the name of the ringtone by default instead of choosing the ringtone for voice calls. And set that silent ringtone to your notification tone or call ringtone.

In addition, Disable Whatsapp instructions for new messages so that you will not see any Whatsapp icon in the notification menu. Go to your phone settings, go to the app, open the list of apps, select WhatsApp, then click on Notification and Disable All Notification Features, disable vibration and popups. Now you can disappear without deleting WhatsApp.

In addition, the selection of light in notification in WhatsApp settings can also be detected by whitespace by selecting ‘No’. Apart from this, going to settings can also be lost by searching the Force. So if you are tired or exhausted from Whatsapp, you may still be missing without having to delete the WhatsApp app.

Are you worried about WhatsApp? Can be lost without deletion

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