Good news for millions of ration card holders in Gujarat

Good news for millions of ration card holders in Gujarat

Good news for millions of ration cardholders: The state government has taken an important decision for ration cardholders. The state government will supply 1 kg of chickpeas to cardholders. The state government has taken the decision after the announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Supply could not be delivered in July due to the non-tendering process.

Good news for millions of ration cardholders: 1 kg chickpeas will be provided in the August supply. The supply of chickpeas for the months of July and August will be provided simultaneously. State NFSA, BPA, non-BPL cardholders will get supplies. NFSA’s 65.48 lakh, BPL 3.25 lakh families will get supplies.

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Good news for millions of ration card holders in Gujarat:

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Good news for millions of ration card holders in Gujarat

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