Meghalaya State Emblem and Tagline Contest

Meghalaya State Emblem and Tagline Contest

Meghalaya State Emblem & Tagline Contests: The Directorate of Arts & Culture Meghalaya invites entries for the prestigious Open-to-All Competition, Meghalaya State Emblem & Tagline Contest in the run-up to the celebrations of the 50 years of statehood. The last date for entries from participants is 21st June 2021.

1. Contrast Name: Conceptualizing Designing of the State Emblem of Meghalaya

  • Prize: Cash prize of Rs. 1,25,000/- (rupees one lakh twenty-five thousand) only.

2. Contrast Name: Coining of a suitable Tagline

  • Prize: Cash prize of Rs. 50,000/- (Rupees fifty thousand) only.

Terms and Conditions for Meghalaya State Emblem & Tagline Contest

  1. Participants have to be residents of Meghalaya. (An EPIC card may be scanned and furnished online as proof of residence).
  2. Participants are to submit their entries online on or before 21st June 2021 at the following email
  3. Proof of residency may be submitted during the time of registration.
  4. Department of Arts and culture reserves the right to allow or debar applicants as per the norms.
  5. All artwork/ design/ tag line should be original works of the participants and should capture the unique essence of the state, befitting of a State Emblem.
  6. A comprehensive write-up is to be submitted along with the design/tag line, indicating the concept and the relevance of the work submitted cogently and with clarity.
  7. All entries are to be submitted in high-resolution file format along with a PDF format for purposes of evaluation.

Entries from participants are extended for submission up to 21st June 2021.


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Meghalaya State Emblem and Tagline Contests

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