RSDC Saamarth Yojana | Tyre Mechanic Skill Training Scheme 2021

RSDC Saamarth Yojana | Tyre Mechanic Skill Training Scheme 2021

Central govt. is going to start Saamarth Yojana 2021 as a skill development training scheme for rubber/fitter/puncture mechanics. Under Tyre Mechanic Skill Training Scheme, the Rubber Skill Development Council (RSDC) targets to provide 5 lakh certified and trained tyre mechanics by 2022. The Tyre mechanics training will include repair, fitter, and puncture techniques. Accordingly, people who are skilled in rubber/fitter/puncture Mechanic Training Scheme can then open their shops or works in high-level companies and earn their livelihood.

The RSDC Saamarth Yojana 2021 will create job opportunities for many people who are willing to work as tyre mechanic. Tyre Repair, Tyre Fitters, Tyre Puncture mechanics jobs would be on offer. Moreover, the central govt. wants to reduce the total number of road accidents. It is revealed that 12% to 13% of the total road accidents in India occurs due to poor and faulty tyre repair.

Repair / Fitter / Puncture Tyre Mechanic Training Scheme 2021

Tyre Industry in India is giving special focus on skilling and certifying tyre mechanics under govt’s new RSDC Saamarth Yojana 2021. The Tyre Mechanic Training Scheme 2021 will minimize the incidents of accidents occurring due to fault in tyre repairs and their fitting. The central govt. is focusing on rubber/fitter/puncture mechanic rides after a report from industry impact studies. This report states 12-13% of road accidents happen because of faulty tyre fitment and puncture treatment.

The main aim of the RSDC Saamarth Scheme 2021 is to provide skill development training and certification to 5 lakh tyre mechanics till 2022. Under the Saamarth Skilling project, the tyre industry is all set to skill, standardize and certify factory workers in tyre and vendor companies. Moreover, a rubber plantation worker, workshop workers and showroom workers will also get skill training.

The government has lined up a total spend of around Rs 250 crore over 4 years for Tyre Repair / Fitter / Puncture Mechanic Training Scheme 2021. Moreover, 1 million workers will also get skill training in the rubber industry. The RSDC Saamarth Scheme will also train and reskill two lakh people in the tyre and non-tyre manufacturing and three lakh plantation workers.

Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship will run Tyre Mechanics Training Scheme 2021. Central govt. has set a target of 1 lakh rubber/fitter/puncture mechanics to be reskilled and certified during the current fiscal year itself. RSDC is all set to cross that target. The govt. has already trained 64,000 people and another 1.5 lakh will be trained by March 31, 2022.

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RSDC Saamarth Yojana | Tyre Mechanic Skill Training Scheme 2021

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