CBSE Board Practical Exams Kick Off: How to score good marks in practicals, Here are useful tips

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CBSE Board Practical Exams: The much-anticipated Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) board practical exams commenced yesterday. In the lead-up to the practical exams, CBSE had issued detailed guidelines for students, parents, teachers, and schools. 

The commencement of CBSE board practical exams signifies a critical juncture in the academic calendar, urging students to bring their A-game to the examination halls. In such a situation, it is important that students perform well in practical examinations. For this, some useful tips are given here. These tips can help students to score good marks in practical exams.

Tips for Scoring Well in CBSE Class 10, 12 Practical Exam 2024

Master the Concepts
Focus on understanding the underlying concepts rather than relying on rote memorization.

Perfect Your Diagrams

Practice drawing neat and accurate diagrams that represent essential materials, procedures, and products.

Cover the Entire Syllabus

Thoroughly cover all aspects of the practical exam syllabus to be well-prepared for any type of question.

Grasp the Procedure/Methodology

Understand the experiment’s procedure step-by-step to confidently recall and perform it during the exam.

Prioritize Writing Practice

Balance memorization with writing practice to ensure completing answers within the allotted time, both for theory and practical exams. Regular practice helps prevent mark deductions.

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