CUET 2022 Exam: Preparation Tips, Know How to Build a Study Plan

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The National Testing Agency has officially released the exam dates for CUET UG 2022 exams. Furthermore, to familiarize the applicants with the Computer Based Test (CBT), the NTA has also released the Mock test paper. With around 10 lac students competing for admission in only about 100 universities in India, the competition is steep.

To ace the examination, and get admission into the university of your liking it is of utmost importance that students have a solid strategy that not only deals with solving the questions but also deals with time management and your well-being.

In the article, Amar Ujala’s ‘My result Plus’ will give you 10 tips you need to adhere to to crack the CUET UG 2022 Exam.

  1. focus: Never let external stimuli distract you from your aim. Meticulously plan a routine and follow it rigorously.
  2. separate: Distribute the study timing for all the subjects of your combination and according to your level of understanding allocate study time to each subject. Dedicate more time to a subject that you find the subject difficult.
  3. Clear Your Fundamentals: Before digging into a complex problem in any subject, understand the fundamentals because they are crucial in solving the question.
  4. Focus on NCERT Course: The CUET UG Exam is based on the syllabus of NCERT. If your concepts for NCERT are clear, then solving all the exercises and NCERT Model papers will get you more accustomed to the Entrance exam.
  5. Get Reference Book: Since this is the first time One India, One Exam is being applied for the Undergraduate examination getting a good reference Book for each subject can give an edge over other applicants
  6. Scour the Internet: These days over the internet you can access information from across the world. Moreover, you can take online tests conducted by prestigious institutes. This will help you introspect your preparation level and further strengthen your weaker subjects.
  7. Constant Revision: Through the preparation process, revision should be done on daily basis. Take out 1 hour daily for revision because, during your preparation, you will have to go through numerous topics and if there is a lack of constant revision, then chances are that during the exams there is a possibility of Confusion.
  8. Give Model Test: The NTA has released a Mock Test for the applicants. Take the test frequently, this will help you familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and help you with your time management as well.
  9. never compare: Never compare your level of preparedness with anyone else. Sometimes it might be that your syllabus is lagging in comparison to others but you don’t need to complete those chapters to catch up with others. Prepare at your own pace, thoroughly understanding each concept. This will help you in the long run.
  10. Write Journal: Every night once you are done with your studies take out 10 mins and write whatever you have studied on that day. Once every week, go through your journal to get a clear introspection of what you have worked on throughout the previous week and how much you can retain today.

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