Education latest news information

Education latest news information

A teaching study – the nature of learning – characteristics: not what we have haphazardly.  However, some studies argue that experts have a very important place in our lives that sometimes learning is uncertain.  

It is the formation of our personality and behavior.  Provides important link.  Experience, practice, or study is permanent and does not come under study, as it temporarily or indirectly in behavior, plays a very important role in shaping and shaping a person’s behavior from the beginning.

 For example, for examination, when the child touches a hot vessel and warms up  When a student tickles and feels for a subject, he immediately withdraws his hand and forgets it after the exam to learn to carefully touch the learner’s behavioral pattern.

  It teaches that if one does not bring change (to some extent for stability).  If one touches a hot pot, it feels hot and Dazi goes away.  Learning other experiences in the same way in daily life is universal and continuous  where every living thing does, draws conclusions, and changes behavior.  Learn as long as you live.  

In humans, it is not limited to these changes in behavior and culture brought about by any age, gender experience.  It is a continuous and never commonly known process – learning and learning – a process that begins at birth and continues until death experiences, conclusions, and behavior changes.  

This process continues from the womb to death.  The study is comprehensive: Learning is a process of every learning in life, not a product: the study is spread across dimensions.  It is a very comprehensive process that is a basic and lifelong process.  Attitude, ૨, which covers all areas – areas of human behavior – gestures, movement skills, language skills, etc. are the product of cognitive, emotional, and movement science studies. 

They do not study on their own, there is a change in learning – behavior in a favorable or unfavorable classroom, while learning may be seen as a product: learning changes behavior but when it does, it is seen as something external.  Just like that doesn’t mean that these changes are always improvement or buying – people go out and buy knowledge and then bring about positive change. 

 It becomes their property of negative change.  Paulo Fierre is his prospect.  The study of this in the book “Pedagogy of the Oppressed” arranges the experiences: criticizes and says that teaching is a submission.  This is the “banking” of education, not just the addition of decency or the acquisition of facts.

 In a sense, the teacher is the subject of the learning process as he reconstructs the experience, including  – Study is also students only objects, while the study can be, seen as a process, seen as internal or personal, which the child uses to understand the world in a real innate – natural and spontaneous reaction and is not used in life study: Innate – natural and instinctive. Spontaneous reactions such as blinking of the eye with bright light are intentional or goal-oriented.  The cause of Yayan cannot be considered.  Learning is not an aimless activity.  Education is purpose-based.  We can learn anything and everything Study – Maturity in Learning, Fatigue, Illness January – 2061 13

Education latest news information

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