Know how to make a horoscope

Know how to make a horoscope

Welcome to our blog. If you are looking for how to make a horoscope, then you are in the right place, we have given complete information in detail here. The planetary constellations are calculated based on the date, time and place of birth of the person in the horoscope. For example, in which constellation the native was born, in which ascendant was born in which zodiac sign. In which house is the position of the Navagrahas with the lagna and zodiac sign. What are the planets in the horoscope? How Janm Kundli is made. If you want to know, then read this post till the end – thanks

  1. Introduction of birth chart: Some things are kept in mind while reading the horoscope. Let’s first try to put those things in front of you. Janm Kundli is a map of the sky at the particular time of childbirth.

In Janm Kundli, the position and movement of planets are revealed at a particular time. In the horoscope, twelve food are made, which are called bhavas. The birth chart is made in different ways at different places. Such as Indian system and Western system. In the Indian system also, the horoscope made in North Indian, South Indian and Eastern India varies.

Twelve zodiac signs are used to make a horoscope, which ranges from Aries to Pisces. Twelve different zodiac signs come in twelve different expressions. Only one amount comes in a house. The zodiac that rises on the cycle at birth comes in the first house of the horoscope.

The other zodiacs then move in the opposite direction (anti clockwise). Suppose Gemini sign comes in the first house, then Cancer sign will come in the second house and in the same way the other zodiac signs will also work. Taurus sign comes in the last and twelfth house.

  1. Introduction to emotion: What are the expressions in Janm Kundli, let’s try to know them. There are twelve expressions in a horoscope and there is a zodiac in every sense. All the expressions of the horoscope are related to some area of ​​life. The names given in the scriptures of these expressions are also their work. First sense is body, second wealth, third sibling, fourth maternal, fifth son, sixth Ari, seventh repu, eighth age, ninth religion, tenth deeds, eleventh income is called double spending.

All twelve expressions have got different functions. Some expressions are good and some are bad. The owner of the zodiac sign is called Bhavesh. Different expressions come in every sense, but the factor of each emotion is fixed.

If the lord of bad feelings makes a connection with good feelings then it is inauspicious and it also spoils the good feelings. The owner of a good feeling is considered auspicious if he has a good relationship and has the ability to give a lot to a person in life. It is not good for a bhava lord to go back from his bhava, this leads to the depletion of the qualities of the bhava. It is good for a Bhavya Swami to go beyond his Bhava. This increases the quality of expressions.

  1. Planetary Position: Janm Kundli is the position of the most important planets, let us know. Studying the planetary position is a very important aspect of the horoscope. Without their study, there is no basis for the horoscope.

First see which planet has gone in which sense, note it down. Then see how the planet deals with the zodiac in which the planet is located. In the horoscope, if the planet is in the friend zodiac or is situated in the enemy zodiac, this is another important aspect to note. See and note that the planet is in a higher, lower, original triangle or swarashi.

See which other planets are being formed in the horoscope. Check with whom the planet is concerned, is it auspicious or inauspicious. In Janm Kundli, whether the planet is involved in any kind of yoga, like Raja Yoga, Dhanayoga, Arishta Yoga etc. there are many other yogas.

  1. Horoscope: When discussing the horoscope, try studying the horoscope and planets to give birth to the horoscope. Look at the fruits from the first house to the twelfth house to see which one is capable of giving what. Try to find out which emotion it gives and when it will give its fruit. It is necessary to observe the position in the horoscope of Bhava, Bhavesh and Karkar Trio. If all three are born in birth Kundli, then things will be very good in life.

If two out of three are asleep then there is a possibility of getting something less but still it will be good. If all three are weak then auspicious results are not received and problems may be faced.

  1. Study of Dasha: After all the things mentioned so far, the role of Dasha comes, nothing is found without favorable condition. Let’s try to understand it. First of all, see which planet is in the horoscope and that planet is not making any kind of yoga.

Check the planet whose condition is going on, who is the owner of the house and where it is located. In the horoscope Mahadasha Nath and Antardasanath keep a sense of friendship or a feeling of enmity between each other.

Look at the sense in which house is situated from Mahadashanath to the time of studying the horoscope, that is, the sense in which Mahadashanath is situated, see how many expressions are situated within it. See if Mahadanath is weak or weak. In both the birth and the horoscope of Mahadasanatha, study whether both are alive in one or the other is weak;

  1. Study of transit: After all the talk, let’s now talk about the transit of planets. Transit is important with the study of the condition. Along with the favorable state of the horoscope, the favorable transit of planets is also necessary only when auspicious results are found.

For any important event, double transits of Shani and Guru are necessary. Birth well

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Know how to make a horoscope

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