New features of WhatsApp From Advanced Search to Always Mute

New features of WhatsApp From Advanced Search to Always Mute

New features of WhatsApp: From Advanced Search to Always Mute, these 4 new features have come, now video calling can also be done from a laptop

WhatsApp will soon offer customers the opportunity to shop on its business app

WhatsApp web i.e. voice and video calling will also start on desktops, laptops

WhatsApp always updates the features as per the requirement of the users. Many new features have been added to the app this month. If you haven’t updated the app, just update it to enjoy the new features. However, at present, some features have been launched only for beta users.

Added these features

1. Always mute feature

Until now, the only option for a contact or group notification was 8 hours, 1 week, and 1 year. Now the company is also offering the option of Always Mute.

The company has been testing this new feature for a long time. Now it has been launched globally for all users. Android and iOS users will be able to use it.

Follow these steps to use the feature

After updating the app, you can go to mute notification in contact or group and select the Always option. Although the 1-year option has been removed in the new feature, Always Mute has been added instead.

2. The company will solve the problem itself

Now Company Direct will solve any problem of WhatsApp users. The company has introduced a new in-app support feature. This will allow you to report bugs or any other issues with WhatsApp directly to the company. This feature has been launched for the beta version.

Follow these steps to use the feature

To send your complaint go to Settings => Help => Contact us. Anyone typing a complaint or problem will have to attach a related photo. Although it is optional. Then send it after submitting all the information.

3. WhatsApp Advanced Search

WhatsApp has a new advanced feature. With this feature, the company has organized the search. Now you will see different categories as soon as you open the WhatsApp search.

Follow these steps to use the feature

Here you will find photos, gifs, videos, documents and audio icons. You can find content from all of these categories. All you have to do is select the icon and search for other users’ names.

4. New emojis and stickers

In August this year, it was revealed that users will get 138 new emojis in WhatsApp. The new emoji includes symbols of people sitting in wheelchairs, prosthetic arms, temples, new clothing, animals like an auto, skunk, people doing yoga, couples, and some sign language.

What features will be available in the near future?

1. Shopping can be done from Business App

WhatsApp will now give users the opportunity to shop soon on the business app. WhatsApp has launched a separate app called WhatsApp Business for business users. WhatsApp Business is a marketplace where people can do business through chat. With the help of this new feature, users will now be able to do direct shopping. The company believes that this feature will help small businesses to do business.

2. Video calling from WhatsApp web

The company is soon going to launch voice and video calling on WhatsApp, meaning desktops and laptops. This feature has been tested on a beta version. If the testing is successful, it will be launched globally. According to a report related to this feature, the company has given access to the feature to selected users to test this feature.

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New features of WhatsApp From Advanced Search to Always Mute

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